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POLKU | 23rd-27th September in Joensuu.

Polku week is all about inspiration, learning and networking. A whole week has a lot to offer. Polku presents keynote speakers who speak about entrepreneurship, motivation, health and many more topics. There is also a lot of complementary program and the Gala that finalises the whole week.

Even though the week is mainly in Finnish, there is program in English as well. Our networking area, Crossroads, will take place at Urheilutalo venue in Thursday-Friday 26.-27.9. Participants receive a join code 2 weeks before the event and are able to find interesting people and businesses, and to request meetings with them. It’s an excellent chance to network with like-minded people and even find a workplace :)

Here are program pick-ups for you:
  • Paul Lannigan, on Friday 27th at 12:30 - The first ever person from abroad to join POLKU! Originating from Ireland, Paul will speak about the importance of storytelling in sales and marketing. His personality and charm is definitely something to learn from.
  • Recruitment Stands, on Tuesday 23rd 17:00-, where companies search for future talents and open up employment possibilities.
  • Business Race, on Wednesday 24th is a competition of teams visiting different local businesses and doing different tasks along the way.
  • On Friday 27th, the week culminates in Polku Gaala, which gathers students and entrepreneurs together in a relaxed Cocktail Gala at Las Palmas. It costs 30€ including the cocktail menu and two drinks.
  • Remember to register in advance. From the main page "osallistu" and find the student ticket "opiskelija" for a free entrance! (free ticket requires a valid student ID). You need to change ticket to a event band before entering venues. That can be done on 17th and 18th September at 10:30-13:00 at Carelia (UEF) and Wärtsilä (Karelia).
Additional information:
Severi Koivumaa
Polku Project manager
tel. +358 50 574 2977 (WhatsApp & Calls)

We invite you on a journey!